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Special Commissions

Have an idea that you want to see turned into a hentai comic?

Whether no one else has made it, or you just want to see it done in my artstyle, I am
currently offering a special type of commission where I will draw a hentai comic
for you! Below I will detail the specifics.


-10 Page Comic = $200 ($20 a page!)
-20 Page Comic = $350 ($17.50 a page!)
-30 Page Comic = $450 ($15 a page!)

Once we negotiate how the comic is going to play out or I receive a script to follow, I'll send some concept art of
what it will look like. By this point, once you're completely sure you want me to go through with the comic, I will request
half of the full payment for the project. When I receive payment, I will begin production immediately.
During this time, I'll share the sketches so you can tell me what changes to make. Once everything is good to
go, I will send watermarked versions of the final pages, and once I recieve the other half of the payment, I'll
send the normal, high-res version of the pages with the watermarks removed.

Comics may be uploaded to my archive at Escha's Hentai Hall to help gain more potential customers.

I will draw almost anything except for furries and overly-grotesque things like scat, vomit, vore, gore., etc.
However! I'm still open-minded to other very questionable kinks so don't be afraid to ask me if I'll be up for it.
I will keep things welcoming, respectful, and private.

If you have any questions or are ready to start making a request, just message me
@Escha here on ComicFury, or email me at embermanga@gmail.com!

I look forward to working with you!