Taking the world by lust storm.


Interested in purchasing artwork made by me? Well you're in luck!
Below are the prices for my services:
-Headshots $5
-Bust $10
-Fullbody $15

I will demand half the payment after sending the sketch, and the other half
when I have completed the artwork.

Due to my lack of experience in coloring, you will receive a grayscale AND colored version
of whatever you commission from me, at no extra cost. The practice alone is worth it.

I will draw just about anything, except for; furries and things that are overly-grotesque (scat, vomit, etc.).
Whether you're interested in requesting artwork, or have questions, you can PM me @Escha here on
ComicFury, or email me at embermanga@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you!