Taking the world by lust storm.

Chapter 2-59

24th Jun 2019, 4:45 AM in Point of View
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Chapter 2-59
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Author Notes:

Escha 24th Jun 2019, 4:45 AM edit delete
This may be a long post, but it's nothing bad, just a bunch of news to end the week with. Some old stuff some new...

Originally there was gonna be more POV action with maybe one or two more positions to end things, but I decided to go with this approach instead. I think next page will have a variety of different shots too, to end this match with a bang.

Once I'm done with this chapter, hopefully soon, I'm gonna spend a week or two doing touch-ups on all the pages from this chapter. Keeping things looking consistent is still one of my weak points, so that'll be my main focus when going through old pages.

Starting in the next chapter, I'm going to begin adding small watermarks on the bottom-right side of each page. They won't cover up any of the art, so no need to worry. I'm mainly doing this because I've noticed my comic being posted on other websites.

I think this is awesome, and it makes me totally happy seeing Lust Storm getting any kind of exposure! :D

Anyway, adding watermarks will help readers from other websites to find my Patreon and TopWebcomics pages in case they are interested in supporting me.

Last but not least, I've reached a combined total of over 200+ subscribers over multiple websites, and will be celebrating with another pinup added to Freebies soon!

Ah, also I may change the name "Freebies" to something along the lines of "Bonus Art." Just sounds better lol.

Kay, that's about it, thank you all for reading, I highly appreciate it!